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  • At Leber Ortho we pride ourselves on using the latest cutting-edge technology to design your dream smile and help make your braces and Invisalign treatment easier. One such technology is the iTero digital impression system, an advanced oral scanner that creates a 3D computer model of your teeth! Dr. Eric now uses digital impressions for everything from Invisalign to retainers.

    Back in the day, every braces and Invisalign patient had to take traditional impressions. This meant placing a tray full of putty in your mouth until it hardens. The orthodontist would then make a model of the impression to plan your treatment. Invisalign would also create aligners from these impressions.

    Traditional impressions were uncomfortable and goopy. They also did not create the most accurate retainers or Invisalign aligners, because the material would sometimes shrink and warp as it dried.

    Enter the iTero! Instead of filling your mouth with putty, our assistants guide a small camera wand around your mouth and capture hundreds of digital images of your teeth and gums.  As you watch, these images are compiled to create a 3D model of your mouth!

    Dr. Eric can then manipulate the 3D model to plan your Invisalign treatment and to order your retainers.  When the aligners arrive they fit like a glove and the movements are accurate and precise. This all translates to a speedier treatment and beautiful results.

    If you would like to see the magic of the iTero for yourself, call our office to schedule your free consultation. Dr. Eric would love to meet you and help you design the smile you’ve always wanted.

    Smile Big!

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  • Here at Leber Ortho, we give patients of all ages the chance to Smile Big! Adult orthodontic treatment grows more popular all the time. There’s no reason to think you’ve missed your chance to straighten your teeth because you’re not 12 years old!

    The reality is that by adulthood, many of us have implants, bridges and crowns. Often, we think that we can’t get braces or Invisalign if we have any existing dental restorations. This is not the case - Dr. Eric Leber can move healthy teeth at any age! Here’s how it works:

    Types of Braces and Implants

    Unfortunately, implants cannot be moved by braces or Invisalign. The posts are fused to the jawbone, so the crowns cannot move freely as the other teeth can. However, it’s completely possible to move the surrounding teeth to more appealing positions. And if you are missing teeth and planning for an implant, braces or Invisalign can be instrumental in preparing your teeth and gums for implant placement. In fact, Dr. Eric Leber will work closely with your dentist or oral surgeon to make sure the implant will look as great as possible with your new smile.

    Braces with Fillings/Crowns

    Never fear! Teeth with fillings and crowns can move just as untreated teeth do. The restorations only alter the appearance of the top of the tooth - underneath are roots that can move easily. Bear in mind that if you get braces, Dr. Eric may need to use a different kind of adhesive on your crowns and large fillings, or he may use a band. Invisalign is a wonderful option for crowned teeth, as there are no brackets to adhere.

    We hope that this has been good news for adults wanting to straight teeth. Do not hesitate to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Eric by calling either our Tucson Orthodontist Office or our Rita Ranch Orthodontist Office. If you can, You may be surprised at how much he will be able to transform your smile!

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