Meet Dr. Eric

Hello, I am Dr. Eric Leber and I am looking forward to meeting you at your complimentary initial consultation. I can't wait for you to Smile Big.

Dr. Eric Leber

Orthodontist, Dr. Eric Leber was born and raised here in Tucson, Arizona and graduated from Salpointe Catholic High School. He attended Northern Arizona University for his undergraduate studies and earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Colorado in 2001. Dr. Eric received specialty training in orthodontics at Saint Louis University and returned to Tucson in 2003 to practice orthodontics with his father. Eric and his wife, Aumi, have four boys (Denton, Dawson, Donovan and Dutch). Dr Eric enjoys family trips and playing basketball and golf.

Dr. Larry Leber

Dr. Larry Leber was born in Kansas and moved to Tucson when he was 11 years old. He earned his dental degree from Baylor University in Dallas, TX and received his orthodontic training at Saint Louis University in 1972.

After completing orthodontic school, Dr. Larry Leber entered the Air Force and spent 3 years in Greece. He then returned to Tucson and began his practice in 1975. He has 4 wonderful sons and has been married for over 35 years to his lovely wife, DeDe! While he enjoys playing golf and hunting, his favorite pastime is spending time with his family.

Get to Know the Doctors

Dr. Eric Leber, why did you decide to become an orthodontist?

I remember in high school assisting in my father's practice and loving it. My father always enjoyed going to work and kept the office environment positive and uplifting. I vividly remember the reaction of one of my dad's patients when she got her braces off. She was so completely overwhelmed with the transformation of her smile that she literally cried with happiness. At that moment, I was hooked! I realized orthodontics was the career for me.

Dr. Eric Leber, what have you learned from your father about orthodontics?

Wow, that is a great question! My dad has been my mentor both in my professional and personal life. He always taught me to treat patients like family and to work diligently in achieving that special smile. I greatly respect his comprehensive knowledge of orthodontics and 30 years of experience in straightening teeth. I am so lucky to be able to begin my orthodontic career with my dad at my side.

Dr. Larry Leber, how does it feel to have your son join you in your practice?

It's every father's dream come true! What fun being able to work side-by-side everyday with your son. Dr. Eric is a conscientious, personable and a talented orthodontist, so it's been an easy transition. His enthusiasm is contagious!

Dr. Larry Leber, what has changed with the addition of your son to the practice?

We have implemented many changes since Dr. Eric joined the practice. The digital system of pictures and radiographs allow us to view images immediately, and the digital x-ray unit produces approximately 70% less radiation for our patients. New clinical techniques have been introduced, such as indirect bonding and a new bracket system. These new changes will provide our patient with less discomfort and faster treatment results.

Smiles Ahead Orthodontic Program

In 2012, Dr. Eric and Dr. Larry Leber started an orthodontic program at St. Elizabeth's dental clinic called "Smiles Ahead". The doctors volunteer their time each month to provide orthodontic treatment to the financially deprived youth in the Tucson community.

The program provides orthodontic services to children and families with financial hardships, ages 10-16 with severely misaligned teeth. We support dental needs of the uninsured and underserved with respect and dignity, without regard to race, religion, national origin, and physical or mental challenge.

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