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Permanent Retainers

Every patient will be given standard removable retainers. However, the doctor can prescribe the addition of a lingual bonded retainer (also called “permanent” or fixed retainers). A bonded retainer is a wire glued behind the teeth to avoid relapse. Bonded retainers are great in cases where the patient had a large space between the front teeth or severe crowding.

Permanent retainers are great at keeping the teeth straight but it does make it more difficult for the patient to floss and to keep their teeth clean. We recommend keeping the permanent retainer long term (at least 2 years).

At Leber Ortho, the doctors will evaluate the pre-treatment tooth alignment and will make a decision if permanent retainers are recommended or not. Note, not all patients are candidates for bonded retainers.

If bonded retainers are recommended, IT IS STILL THE PATIENT’S CHOICE IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAVE THE PERMANENT RETAINER GLUED BEHIND THE TEETH. Please communicate to the front office if you have a preference with the permanent retainers. And of course, you can always talk to one of the doctors about this decision.

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