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Why choose a privately owned dental practice?

I've been working as an assistant in a dental specialty since 1991 so I'm often asked by friends to help them choose a dentist from a list of providers supplied by their dental insurance companies. This is why I always recommend a privately owned practice:

Your dentist's reputation is at stake whenever he (or she) performs treatment on you. It is in his best interest (and yours) to give you the best treatment possible. He wants to keep you as a patient and hopes that you will tell your friends about his practice. The cost of advertising is preclusive for most private practices but your nod of approval is free and bears more weight with your friends than a commercial does.

The managing dentist is ultimately responsible for whatever happens in his practice so you will never be a number on a computer screen to him. He sets his own hours, determines how much time each patient will need and can adjust that time to accommodate any special needs. If you have an issue you will be able to resolve it face to face with the office staff rather than being referred to a corporate office in another state.

When you choose a privately owned orthodontic practice you will be forming a relationship with your dentist and his staff. There will be no revolving door of dental practitioners who contract for short term employment and leave when their contracts expire. Your dentist will have set down roots in your community and is committed to his practice.

In closing, I would like to point out that shopping at a chain store will save you money but using that mentality when choosing a dentist could end up costing you big in the long run. After all, can you return that filling or root canal if you don't like how it turned out?

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