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All About Invisalign

We are often asked just how Invisalign works and what is involved in the treatment. Invisalign moves your teeth through a series of clear aligners which you change every two weeks. At your records visit we take photographs of your teeth, an x-ray of your jaw relationship and a mold of your teeth. These are sent to Invisalign along with a treatment plan from Dr Eric. Invisalign's computer program designs the series of aligners to move your teeth gradually from aligner to aligner as Dr Eric requests.

Some Invisalign cases require little tooth colored attachments to be bonded onto some of the teeth to help move them into the proper position. These attachments blend in with your teeth so they are not noticeable to others but you will feel them slightly as a little bump on a tooth or on the aligner.

The aligners are removable for eating and brushing but must be worn at least twenty hours a day if they are going to work properly. Having the flexibility to remove the aligners for a big presentation at work or school has been a plus for many of our patients. Most patients tell us that after a few weeks of getting used to the aligners they feel very comfortable wearing them.

At the end of your first series of aligners, Dr Eric assesses the alignment of your teeth as well as the fit of your bite. He may then decide to order a series of refinement aligners to fine-tune the position of your teeth and finish your treatment.

The major differences between Invisalign and traditional braces are the invisibility of the aligners and the ease of brushing and flossing. If these are appealing to you, and you are okay with the extra cost, then Invisalign would be a great choice for your treatment.

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