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How to Smile Big: Adult Treatment

"Hello welcome back to How To Smile Big with Dr. Eric Leber. We got Christina here she got her braces off and what we’re gonna be talking about today is what most people think about braces they think of kids they think of 12-year-olds, middle school braces. Well adults can get braces too. How old are you Christina?"


"31 and so she’s an adult and she’s a good example of that you can move the teeth and I want to show you her results. So come over Moilca, so this is before she she started so you know, crooked teeth with an over bite was pretty prevalent and and this is the side. So on her we actually had to take out two teeth, we took out the tooth behind the canine and we were able to pull back her overbite. How long did it take us Christina?"

"Just shy of two years."

"Just shy over two years, but what a change in her bite for someone who is 31. Was it a good experience?"

"It was great."

"You love having them?"


"Big smile for the camera. So adults can do braces too."

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