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  • "How’s it going? We’re over here with another How To Smile Big with Dr. Eric Leber. We're talking about retainers today. So Dylan here, say hi."


    "Got his braces off last week, and we give them these nice diplomas so before and after’s which is cool because you couldn’t see his lower teeth. And um then we take an x-ray which you can see the roots are healthy and parallel. But one of the big things I wanted to show is what we’re doing now at Leber Ortho is taking scans of his mouth and a 3-D printer is making a replica of his teeth. So we’re going to give this to Dillon. So if he ever loses his retainer, this is really cool, he can use this to make a new retainer. So the traditional way is we take an impression, it’s made up of stone, that gets completely destroyed, there’s no replica of how strait his teeth were the day we got them off. So pop out your retainer Dillon and kinda show them what they look like, the retainer are pretty much the same as a traditional retainer. He just got them so he'll get used to doing that, so it's a clear invisalign type, and but this a 3-D printer."​

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  • "How you doing, Dr. Eric Leber here. Wanted to show you a little about Leber Ortho. Um, we have a really exciting case here, this is Mia."


    "Come on over let me show you, so she just got her braces off, this is before she started so see how open she was. She used to suck her thumb. But she doesn’t anymore so high-five, we got rid of that. And take a look at this, on my side you can really see how open she was. The thumb is kind a like a splinter, so this is her with her braces off today, big smile, and take a look from the side we just looked at before we started. We did not remove any teeth, she was very compliant with our orthodontic rubber bands, so good job. Moms a speech therapist, come on over mom. How important is it to fix this?"

    "It’s massively important, it is massively important. It didn’t necessarily affect her speech but its just the functioning of the mouth. It was not functioning well."

    "Are you happy with it?"


    "Big smile, thank you!"

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